Frequently Asked Questions

  • Why is downtown development important?
    Downtown development and/or redevelopment helps to create a successful downtown which is the historic center of the community.  An attractive and vibrant downtown provides quality of life to the Florence community, helps recruit and retain industry, medical professionals and the players of the “New Economy”.
  • What is FDDC?
    FDDC stands for the Florence Downtown Development Corporation.
  • Where is FDDC located?
    The FDDC  and the City of Florence Downtown Development Office  is located at 324 West Evans Street in Downtown Florence.
  • Is my Property in the redevelopment area?
    The Downtown Redevelopment District encompasses more than 500 acres.   A map of the various D1 overlay districts can viewed here: Redevelopment Map
  • The redevelopment focus area has recently expanded by City Council. To see if your property is included in the expanded redevelopment area, please see the map here: click for map.