Full Life. Full Forward.


In March 2017, the City of Florence and Florence Downtown Development released a new community brand. A collaborative group from the community began meeting over a year ago to discuss the identity of Florence and the idea for a potential new community brand. A Branding Committee was formed to focus on this effort. With the momentum that Florence is experiencing as well as notable statewide recognition in recent years, there was a desire to better define Florence as a community and create a new identity that would reflect this positive image.

Avant Marketing Group was the firm selected through the Florence Downtown Development Corporation to aid in this process. Representatives from Avant visited Florence attending community forums, meeting with City Council members, city staff, community leaders and many other community members to determine how Florence was perceived. Following their visit, and an extensive review of the research obtained, they shared concepts and potential considerations for branding to the committee. After multiple revisions and much discussion, a new brand was developed and agreed upon: a brand that reflects a progressive southern city in the heart of the Pee Dee Region.

“Florence – Full Life. Full Forward.” was selected by the committee as the tag line to be used with the new logo. It is intended to define and reflect who we are as a community, and celebrate the current progressive movement within Florence. The new brand and tag line reinforce our commitment for continued forward motion in order to achieve our brand vision.

Full Life. Our community is currently full of life with a revitalized energy from new growth. What was once a hope and vision for the future has become a reality, and the community is invigorated with the quality of life that Florence now offers. Florence is recognized as a model community across the state boasting five consecutive years of Municipal Achievement Awards. The City’s downtown now provides entertainment options with a state of the art performing arts center, street festivals, restaurants and shopping. As a progressive and socially diverse city we are attracting new industry and growth boosting the local economy, providing more opportunity for the community and our residents.

Full Forward. What’s next for Florence? With the current momentum, Florence has the ability to push full forward and continue efforts “to be recognized as a vital contributor to the South Carolina economy and the model of prosperity for the Southeast – a community of choice in which to live, work, and play”. Nearing adoption, the City’s updated Master Plan focuses on determining the next geographic area for downtown redevelopment. Important in this process is identifying private sector investors to create additional catalyst projects. Public investments will include construction of streetscape enhancements and parking. Priorities include recruiting additional niche retail, creating more housing, developing a food/artisan overlay district, and establishing downtown as a tourism destination. Also critical is the creation of a downtown gateway to serve as a bridge to adjacent neighborhood redevelopment projects. Construction of downtown connections to the City’s existing trail system is necessary to encourage pedestrian traffic downtown.

City Council and City staff will continue its commitment to strive toward excellence in endeavors to make Florence a great place to live, work and play. There will be continued effort to create an even stronger sense of community by promoting diversity and inclusion as the key to continued success recognizing that new growth brings a diverse and robust “Full Life. Full Forward.” Florence.



Brand Vision

To be a model community for the growth and prosperity of the State of South Carolina and the Southeast. Brand Mission We are a beacon of progress. Our economy and social diversity offer boundless opportunities and enormous assets.

Brand Values

Progress. We take pride in our accomplishments, and we are dedicated to the future progress of our community.

Investment. Our community investment is about people. We believe in providing exceptional educational opportunities, superior healthcare services, and a culture and environment that promote a quality of life for everyone.

Community. We are a true community. A place where friendship and a genuine welcoming attitude create an enjoyable social environment and define our fullness of life.

Brand Position

A beacon of progress, Florence is one of South Carolina’s most future-oriented communities. We are focused on being a model for growth and prosperity while ensuring a quality of life that is supported by exceptional education opportunities, superior healthcare services, and an enjoyable social environment. Progress, investment, and a strong sense of community define Florence – a place full of life.