Who We Are

The Florence Downtown Development Corporation (FDDC) is a non-profit organization devoted to revitalizing and restoring civic pride in Downtown Florence. Founded in 2002, The FDDC is a quasi-public organization that receives funding from the City of Florence, grants and private contributions.

The impetus for creating the FDDC evolved from recommendations outlined in the Downtown Master Plan & City-wide Structure Plan. Residents, dismayed by the state of Downtown, made it a priority to prepare a master plan in order to revitalize the area. As a result, these stakeholders who desired the prosperous, attractive, and vital city center that Downtown once was, then set out to put their visions on paper. The plan recommended that the revitalization efforts be coordinated through a non-profit organization, which became FDDC.

In 2006 with the help of Hunter Interests Inc., an additional master plan was completed and bound into a three-phase document entitled the Downtown Florence Revitalization Strategy. This strategy, a continuation of the Downtown Master Plan, includes project feasibility studies, market data, and suggests redevelopment projects that would further the revitalization effort. In addition, it also contains recommendations of more than $180 million worth of new private-sector projects ranging from mixed-use development to lodging facilities and eating establishments. The plan was update in 2010 and is the plan that the FDDC and City of Florence Downtown Development Office is following in the revitalization process.

FDDC and the City are working together as a team to revitalize the area by implementing the projects and initiatives outlined in the master plan strategy. They include:
• Property acquisition
• Design guidelines
• Implementation of the new Maintenance & Appearance Codes
• Streetscape improvements
• Historic preservation
• Public-private partnerships
• Economic incentive programs
• Property development facilitation
• Community rebuilding