COVID-19 Resources

Small Business Response Resources

Resilience and Re-opening Resources

  • Leading a small business through a recession: Click here
  • US Chamber of Commerce Foundation Resilience Resources: Click here.
  • Fast Facts about the CARES Act benefits for small businesses: Click here.
  • Preparing a Post-Pandemic Marketing Plan: Click here.
  • Getting through COVID-19: A Financial Game Plan: Click here.
  • Webinars for barbers, salons, and spas related to re-opening: Click here.
  • REOPEN MAIN STREET™ Re-opening Strategies for Retail, Service, and Eating Establishments: Click here.
  • National Main Street Re-opening Guidance: Click here.
  • CDC Guidance for Cleaning and Disinfecting Businesses: Click here.
  • HelloAlice Close-contact Service Provider Re-opening Portal: Click here.
  • HelloAlice Restaurant and Food Service Re-opening Portal: Click here.

South Carolina Re-opening Guides

  • SCRLA restaurant re-opening guidelines: Click here.
  • SCRLA guidance for temporary outdoor dining: Click here.
  • SCRLA guidance for hotels and indoor event venues: Click here.
  • Guidelines for all close-contact service providers: Click here.
  • Guidelines for cosmetology service providers: Click here.
  • Guidelines for gyms, fitness centers, and fitness studios: Click here.

Restaurant Information

  • SC DHEC Food Service Restrictions: Click here.
  • Municipal Assoc. of South Carolina Restaurant Safety Enforcement Information: Click here.
  • James Beard Foundation Resources: Click here.
  • Restaurant Workers Community Foundation: Click here.
  • Relief Fund Information from Click here.
  • Re-opening after COVID-19: Click here.
  • National Restaurant Association Re-opening Guide: Click here.
  • FREE ServSafe Food Safety and Server Training: Click here.
  • StreetSense Restaurant and Bar Re-Launch Guide: Click here.
  • SC DHEC Restaurant Re-opening Toolkit: Click here.
  • EPA Guidance for Restaurant Disinfectants: Click here.

Retail Information

City of Florence Information

  • Stay up-to-date on the COVID-19 crisis and response with the City of Florence’s information page. Click here.

Marketing Resources
Click the links to open the images. Right click the image and save the image as a picture to your computer or device. For other resources, follow download instructions.

  • American Express Small Business Resource Center: Click here.
  • Customized COVID-19 Response Flyer (US Chamber): Click here.
  • “From Crisis to Connection: Building a Social Media Content Strategy During COVID-19”: Click here.
  • “You can help my business by…” graphics collection (customized posters, social posts, etc.): Click here.